Rouvès Quentin

Student in Cryptology and IT Security - Web Developer


Lead Developer

  • Implement RESTful API server for sliding spots website with Django Rest Framework.
  • Build front end interface with VueJS and Google Maps API.
  • Deploy both applications on SaaS platform.
October 2017 - Present

Web Developer

  • Develop new applications, components and functionality to an existing system with PHP based CodeIgniter. Create a completly new design.
  • Improve the research system and administration system in PHP. Add an advertising server.
April 2017 - July 2017

Main Developer

  • Develop a platform in Django. Use socket for instance messaging and notification applications with Django-channel and Redis
September 2016 - February 2017


University of Bordeaux

Master of Cryptology and IT security
  • Mathematic: Cryptology, Algebra, Cryptanalysis, Elliptic Curve, Smart Card.
  • Computer Science: Programming, Network Administration, Network Security, Software Security, Software Verification, Operating System Se-
September 2015 - Present

IAE Bordeaux, University School of Management

Enterpreneurial gap year - Mon Banc de Touche
  • Conferences about entrepreneurship, accounting, communication, management.
  • Developed an online platform to help sport association to manage their events, members, communications, documents and logistics.
July 2016 - February 2017

University of Bordeaux

Bachelor of Mathematics and Comuter Sciences
  • Analysis, Algebra, sudoku solver, Initiation to Cryptology, Programming: imperative, functional and object-oriented.
  • Research: The state of the art on Bitcoin protocol.
September 2015 - Present


Programming Languages & tools
  • C
  • VueJs
Web Security
  • SQL/XPath Injection
  • Cross-Site-Scripting
  • PHP Wrappers
  • File Upload
Network Security
  • ARP/DNS Cache poisining
  • IPsec
  • X509 Certificate
  • Kerberos
Software and OS security
  • Stack buffer overflow
  • Format String Exploitation
  • ROP
  • Exploitation in Linux Kernel
  • Implementation of rootkit

  • Cryptanalysis
  • Elliptic Curve
  • Blockchain
  • Fluent
  • Very good
  • School level


2013 - Present

• Co-chairman for the 4th year. Developed the organization: focuses on communication, hiring staff and process establishment.

• Head coach of the team in 2017. Managed 50 players and coaching staff. Prepared trainings and organized them.

• Player and captain the 3 last years. I helped the team to grow and to increase its level. I played Quarter Back and Strong Safety, we were France vice-champion in 2016.